Robert Stock is a producer of cutting-edge entertainment and edutainment products. He created the Time Warrior® series of video games, authored the award-winning Central High game, and has produced high-end electronic media including the Las Vegas Comdex display for Citigroup. As a partner in Just Adventure, he tripled the readership making it the world’s largest adventure gaming website, and was the Editor-In-Chief for Just RPG, which was in the top 100 game sites on the internet. Not limited to entertainment, Mr. Stock has also programmed securities trading systems for Prudential Securities and worked with Citibank in devising online-banking sales tools.

Bob attended Harvard University and Cornell University, earning a Bachelor’s degree (Neurobiology and Behavior, Genetics) prior to attending Northwestern University Medical School. He applied his knowledge of neuroanatomy and the fundamentals of behavioral response in designing interfaces that were both intuitive and aesthetically pleasing. His strong belief in education and patients’ rights led him to work with medical education companies that had a focus on interactive media and the internet. He was a partner in MyDoctorNet, an online patient education system that utilized customizable “prescriptions” of focused information to help aid in recovery after surgery.

Mr. Stock has recently been writing with his daughter, Lauren. They have authored three novels and look forward to collaborating in the future.

Projects include:

· Lead Tracker, an interactive lead-awareness game for Native American children in grade six (Narragansett Indian Tribe/U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

· Pinnacle Tutor, an online tutor program allowing children to interface with teachers specializing in areas of difficulty

· Animation for MakeBabyLaugh, a video series designed to help with cognitive development in preschool children

· 3D animation for Mother Bear, an award-winning animated film

· Prototyping Citigroup’s worldwide intranet

· Award-winning design/programming for Seiko’s online marketing strategies

· Writing/Directing/Producing the TV Pilot StarshipRPG for G4 Television

· Writing/Directing/Producing Angel’s Blade and The Ascension, full-length feature films

· The Ascension was previously available in 83 countries as well as via Netflix, Amazon and other streamers

· Co-Authoring Necrobloods, The Tamzin Clarke Series, and various short stories

· 3D Animation for a British TV series web anime

· DMA Instructor - VR & AR - Harvard Campus